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Poster of the week

Good vibes for the week! Posters of the week are reduced to just £10 for an A3


Straight out of Morocco

Read about our latest collaboration with Sunday and Story to bring your vintage rugs from the Atlas mountains.


Luxury Linen

Soft, durable and easy to care for.

Now available over £30

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Handmade Birch Ply Peg Boards

One of our hand-made pegboards made from Birch Ply. Available in a range of sizes and comes with 3 shelves and 6 additional pegs. Each hole is carefully sanded and each peg is lovingly shaped. We then apply a wax to finish and protect.

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Our Partners’ Products

Flax Sack Linens

We’re delighted to partner with Flax Sack to bring your high quality, ethically sourced linens. In a beautiful selection of colours and with a growing page, Flax Sack currently offer bed linens and also table linens.

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Sunday & Story Rugs

Jo’s passion for the Moroccan style is infectious! We love her vintage rugs, all one-offs sourced from the Atlas Mountains on her regular expiditions.

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Would you like to work with us?

Join our Partner Programme

We’re always looking for new partners. If you’re products fit our ethos we’d love to hear from you.

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Art and Prints

Some of our own and reproductions

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Welcome to our curated store

We’re delighted to introduce our new online shop; a curated range of products and objects that we love. We’re working with partners we’ve met through the wonderful world of Instagram to bring you unique finds, high-quality crafted products and also a few of our own designs created by trusted craftspeople.

We’re always interested to hear from potential new partners with a passion for ethical products with a keen focus on minimal environmental impact.

Anna and Sally x