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Sometimes you can just feel the character of the owner as you enter the shop. As I walked into the Winter’s Moon studio and I instantly had a feel for the type of person I was there to meet; creative, practical, a true individual. I wasn’t wrong! Julia Grant is the proprietor of Winter’s Moon, an online store and shop located in the beautiful city of Chichester. The first thing to catch my eye are the colours in the fabrics and prints, all with a slightly retro vibe. Then I spotted four beautiful Cow Horn Ercol chairs and I knew Julia and I would get along just fine!

Julie holding one of her cushions in Brie Harrison’s Fabric

Julia’s studio feels fun and friendly. A mix of vintage finds and repeatable items that Julia sources by working directly with manufacturers and artisans. Winter’s Moon started as an open house sale; “it just worked” Julia explained, “and then we were featured in the Sunday Times as part of a trend forecast, our mailing list grew and here we are!”.

Once a stylist for the Sofa Workshop, Julia has an exceptional eye for styling and design.

Fabrics by illustrator Brie Harrison are a key part of the Winter’s Moon range, one of which was created as a collaboration project with Julia. “I explained the type of design I was looking for and the palette I had in mind and Brie went away and worked her magic. I love the finished product and we still sell plenty of it on lampshades, cushions and other accessories.”

“I do like a pointy leg”

Vintage items mixed with cushions and artisan ceramics.

There is a definite theme in the Winter’s Moon range. The colour palette is bold with a mix of brights and pastel shades. Lots of Julia’s vintage pieces are from the 60’s and 70’s with plenty of teak and blonde woods typically from Ercol, G Plan and other big names from the period. There is also a  Scandinavian vibe from the styling and accessories. “I do like a pointy leg” says Julia.

“I love these ceramic pieces by Vicky Hagerman. The cards are also by independent artists, such as Clover Robin and Hadly Paper Goods” Explains Julia.

Vintage finds with Vicky Hagerman ceramic pot (centre).


Julia’s styling works around key pieces. “I think everyone could do with a good lamp to work around” says Julia, “our lamp bases are sourced from a manufacturer in Stoke on Trent and come in a range of colours. We’ve then paired them with a really well-proportioned shade and we use different fabrics, including some of Brie Harrison’s range, so complete the look.”

“I think everyone could do with a good lamp to work around”



Sourcing vintage finds can be tricky. “I mostly get my vintage stock items from contacts that I’ve made over the years or from car boot sales or antique fairs”. “I love this cabinet that’s just come in; its Austin suite and has really nice details and proportions” says Julia.

Chichester has become known for its creative industries, being the home of internally recognised West Dean College. Julia and friend, Alice Bryan set up the Chichester Design Collective to bring creative people together in the city. “We started the Collective when we noticed that there didn’t seem to be anything similar happening in the city” explained Julia. “We’ve got over 150 members and we meet up and share our skills, from pitching to branding and other useful skills you need as an independent creative looking to get noticed.”

Julia also runs workshops as part of Winter’s Moon, held in the studio in Chichester. “our next workshop is focussing on how to use Instagram to raise your business profile” says Julia, “it’s a great tool for sharing your passion and engaging with potential customers and also other business owners”.

Julia’s plans for Winter’s Moon include extending the range of fabrics they offer and more collaboration projects. Don’t forget to check out Winter’s Moon’s Instagram feed and website to find out more!

I love interiors! I've always enjoyed styling my home and my husband will tell you I'm always moving things around and trying something new. My favs include Mid Century Modern and Ecclectic mixes of contrasting themes such as classical design and pop art.

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