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House plants – a growing trend!

Spider plants, cheese plants and cacti have made a massive comeback for interiors, and this is the second time that I’ve embraced the trend, the first time being back in the early 80’s. Back then my house plants, Habitat wallpaper and my peacock chair became by prize processions that set my obsession with interiors. I was hooked and have embraced this trend again – you can’t beat a macrame pot plant holder with a beautiful spider plant dangling over the sides.

Get yourself down to the garden centre and get some greenery into your home. Homebase have a good selection and at good pieces. Macrame pot hangers are easy to make and you can find tutorials on You Tube or Pinterest. You can also purchase your jute rope whilst in Homebase! 

Now if you have been wondering what other trailing plants you can have hanging from your new found skill in Macrame, then I would suggest these two, ‘String of hearts’ and ‘Pearls’ – great easy house plants and so pretty!

Now for some architectural plants to give the room that ‘wow’.  The truly magnificent indoor banana tree, and of course the palm.

house plants

All of the plants that I have mentioned are easy to purchase, both from garden centres and online.  Looking after them is easy as well, you can find out all that you need from the internet or pop to the shop and pick up a book.

I've always been visually minded and I've spent the last decade working for high street brands with home and interiors departments. I've been involved in both the sourcing and also styling of shop floors and displays, which has taught me a few tricks of the trade! I love all things interiors and embrace each and every trend as they happen.

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