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Why I Love Wall Panelling

I have a little crush on panelling at the moment. I’ve been searching for wall panelling inspiration to see how I can squeeze it into my home decor. In my day job I’ve been visiting some beautiful independent schools and it seems to be something that they all have in common. But panelled walls aren’t limited to manor houses or mansions, its a look thats relatively easy to achieve and has instant impact.

I’ve decided to take the plunge and apply some ‘faux panelling’ to my lounge walls. I’ve looked as lots of inspiration online and I’ve picked a ‘french’ style of panelling (well that’s what I call it). Fairly delicate and elegant, but something easy to do.

Wall Panelling Inspiration panelled walls

Pic via Marks & Spencer

What I like best about wall panelling is the shadows and tones that they create on what would otherwise be a plain wall. They don’t have to be one colour either! There are so many possibilities.

I love this pic via @delightfulll on Instagram. I love the colour palette, but also how the colour change isn’t tied to the panelling design. I think this creates a really interesting effect. I also love the delicate panel pieces rather than thick chunky ones.

I also like the irregularly of the spacing which allows you to get the best of both works with areas of details and also space to display items and hang picture potentially.

Panelled walls

Pic by @delightfulll via Instagram

Faux panelling

Pic by Ferm Living

This is another great image that’s caught my eye. Its by Ferm Living (a fave of mine) and I like how the panelling is more subtle but breaks up the solid wall of strong colours. I love the ceiling in the darker shade too but as my lounge is quite dark I’m not sure if this might be too much.

Finally, I love the rugged floorboards which contract the delicate panelled walls in pin. This is something I’m hoping to achieve. The entire colour palette is fabulous. I’m definitely considering adding some darker red colours into my design too.

I think this is the one for me. It’s by @badlands.journal on Instagram. I really like the contract of light panelling with coloured walls. I’m trying to replicate this ‘panelled window’ effect in my lounge – harder than I thought! I also love the lighting. These are the designer ones, but I’m hoping to create the look but on my budget…


Picture by @badlands.journal on Instagram

Wall Panelling Inspiration

Here’s some panelling inspiration and don’t forget to visit our Wall Panelling Inspiration Pinterest board for more ideas.

Wall Panelling Inspiration

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