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Orange interiors and orange palettes were popular during the mid century and is seeing a resurgence again now it seems. Tango orange was the Pantone colour for 2012, which was a bright and zingy tone, literally the colour of the branding of the drink with the same name – and they’re right, you do know when you’ve been tango’d! However this year we’re talking about a deeper burnt orange that’s warm and comforting, yep vibrant enough to be playful and fun.

Orange is a great colour for anyone; its gender neutral, it’s complimentary colour is an azure blue which is versatile and neutral and it sits really well with this year’s botanical inspired green Pantone colour.

How to do orange interiors

As a pop of colour

The easiest way to use orange is as an accent colour. You can easily change the colour scheme of a room this way. We looked at this in a previous blog post called ‘don’t redecorate, reinvent you room‘. We looked at how a room with neutral coloured walls and floors lends itself to an easy change. Orange would work perfectly with this!


In for a penny…

Embrace orange! A feature wall or a predominately orange wallpaper can look fantastic. An orange sofa complemented by some other similar tone objects and accessories ties the colour fully into your style.


Style it with mono

Orange will work beautifully with monochrome patterns and balance the orange perfectly. We’ve seen lots of geometric shapes and patterns using black and white in previous trends, so this could be a quick win to add some orange to your style!


Print and patterns

The 50’s saw a huge resurgence for orange. The swinging sixties saw this continue to…


There are lots of lovely orange filled designs available today too. Orla Kiely is renowned for her use of bright colours in prints and she regularly uses orange in her palette. Zion is another brand that’s use orange a lot and they have a wonderful range of wallpapers and other textiles available to fit the mid century trend.


Mixing with materials

Orange naturally draws attention to other similar tones and colours in a rook, including copper and golds. A copper light fitting with shine even brighter in a orange accented room. Gold works in a similar way too, but pick your shade to get the best outcomes.

Orange also works well with natural materials such as stone and also wood.


Go green

Foliage and greenery looks wonderful next to orange. Make sure you fill your orange interior with structural plants and pick variegated foliage for a more textured feel.


We’d love to see your orange make overs! Don’t forget to like and share…

I love interiors! I've always enjoyed styling my home and my husband will tell you I'm always moving things around and trying something new. My favs include Mid Century Modern and Ecclectic mixes of contrasting themes such as classical design and pop art.

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