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Dreaming of a Rocking Chair

I’ve been in bed all day today. Now that sounds good but alas, the only way I can get about is to hop. The pain killers for my blasted foot make me feel so sleepy and unable to concentrate so I’ve been day dreaming of what I desire for next year.

My must have is a rocking chair. Now I reckon they might just be the statement item of 2018. Move over bar cart, sorry peacock chair, well hello rocking chair. And if you’re thinking the same thing, just make sure you pick the right one. Make sure its not going to drive you nuts by chipping your lovely painted walls and of course that your not going to be tripping over the actual rockers. Check the space where you want your new love to be and find the right one. Perfect for sitting and reading by the fire or daydreaming out on the patio on those warm summer evenings. So that’s another thing to consider; move-ability.               

Rocking Chair

I am in love with these Mid Century rockers, they are quite hard to find, so once again its checking all the auction sites and antiques fairs. Lucky for me, well if the flipping foot is better, Excel have an Art Antiques and interiors fair running from 12th – 14th January 2018.  More information for this is available from 

Go Vintage

Ecrol vintage rocking chairs, available from various auction sites and if your really lucky a second hand furniture store.

We’ve seen a few ranging from £30-£250 depending on the style.

Contemporary Take on Vintage

This stylish rocking chair is a really good option if you don’t have the time or patience to wait for the real deal, its from rose and grey.  These stylish Rocking Chairs are a contemporary addition to the 366 series. The sleek wooden frame and comfortable cushioned seat allow the chair to fit in with a Mid-Century Modern aesthetic or to stand out as a statement piece of furniture.

Priced from £595

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A Design Classic

This little beauty is from Kartell, calling itself the Comeback chair, a perfect mix of traditional and modern style. Available in six colours this rocking chair is priced from £288 (in the sale today as I type, NRP £338.

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Eames Rocking Chair

Eames RAR rocking chair, Designed in 1950, this chair is a variation of the Eames’ DSR chair with the addition of maple runners to replicate the traditional delights of a rocker – RAR stands for ‘Rocking Armchair Rod Base’.

Priced from £395

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Ercole Rocking Chair

Another classic the 1960 Ecrol rocking chair with beautiful grey wool seat pad.  Once again from auction sites.

Stingray Rocking Chair

The Stingray is beauty of a rocking chair if you fancy making a statement. Very futuristic.

From £1,828

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Looking for more rocking chair inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board, link below!

 Rocking Chair Inspiration

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