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Pink Interiors

Yesterday we had a bumper day of pink interiors inspiration on Instagram and we thought we’d pull it all together into and handy little post for those of you searching online. There are so many popular pinks at the moment, from peachy, fleshy pink, through pale baby pink to bright and zingy smack in the face type pink. We love it all! If you’d of told me 5 years ago that I’d be considering painting a room pink I wouldn’t have believed it, but I’m doing all I can do unnecessarily redecorate or paint one of the boy’s rooms pink – which as you can image would not be popular.

So here is out, my outlet for my passion for pink interiors. My extended grid from today’s Insta pink inspiration.

Pink Interiors and Inspiration

I love interiors! I've always enjoyed styling my home and my husband will tell you I'm always moving things around and trying something new. My favs include Mid Century Modern and Ecclectic mixes of contrasting themes such as classical design and pop art.

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