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Yes, I said… Peach

We’ve all been loving pink in the last year, but what happens next? There’s been a colour, lurking in the background, waiting to come out.. (trap door theme tune running through my mind) … waiting to be accepted. Pale or punchy, peach is making a come back. It feels like a natural progression from the pinks too. Millennial pink and ‘blush’ tones aren’t completely pink persée, they had warm, fleshy tones in them that had a hint of peach about them. Pure, unadulterated peach has a definite orange about it. It is not pink. But I like it!

peach interiors


Its a difficult one to get your head around. Peach definitely brings back bad memories from the 80’s. I reckon every house had at least one peach room in it, but it wasn’t good peach. And those peach bridesmaid dresses – I definitely donned a peach dress for an aunty’s wedding – not a good moment.

There is something about peach this time around that just feels right – to me anyway. I need to convince Sally yet and my husband has told me that he doesn’t want to come home to find I’ve painted the lounge peach (you didn’t mention the other rooms darling ?) but bare with me!

peach walls

No one can deny that this room looks fabulous. Paired with neutral accessories and with a strong focus on black and white, it just looks fantastic. But peach can pack a punch too. It isn’t all delicate and fragile, peach can be strong and vibrant.

peach sofa

Credit: Established & Sons

Peach can be glam! We’re all (hopefully) over copper and rose gold now, and we’re turning our attention to gold and brass (blog on its way!) and peach works so well with gold’s yellow tones.

The following pic is where is started for me. Elle Decoration arrived through my door and I just loved this room. The beautiful colour on the woodwork paired with the pale textured peach on the walls is divine! The chairs are also just fantastic. Gold legs just to top it all off!

peach dining room

Credit: Elle Decoration

The rest of the room it just fab too. They have a monochrome kitchen which create a great contract to the peach dining room.

peach dining room

Credit: Elle Decoration

Darker peach tones fit with our Earth tones theme we looked at earlier this week. They look great in kitchen and feel more appropriate than a delicate pink. This beautiful shot below is from deVol kitchens.

peach kitchen

Credit: de VOL Kitchens

Want to see more? Here are a few from today’s Instagram round up. Also, check out our Pinterest boards for “peaches and pinks’ on the big button below.

Peach and Pinks Pinterest Board

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