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Oriental inspired wallpaper and wall murals

Are you loving a touch of the oriental in your home at the moment? I know we are. Are you ready for more? Over the last few years, we’ve seen some beautiful mural wallpapers from the likes of Woodchip and Magnolia. As the oriental vibe has set-in, we’re delighted to see a new collection of oriental and Chinoise inspired wallpapers and wall murals from Coordonne called ‘Random Chinoiseries‘.

Chinoise inspired wallpapers

A delightful new collection of mural wallcoverings with stunning interpretations of the Chinoiserie style – landscapes, birds, flowers in both the traditional Chinese style and contemporary views.

The collection includes beautiful graphics of stalks and sunsets as well as the more classic oriental forest scenery and landscapes.

oriental Chinoise inspired wall muralIf you’re a more delicate flower, you can opt for some more classic chinoiserie in the style we’ve seen a lot of from de Gournay murals – pretty and light in delicate pinks and other pastel shades.

Chinoise inspired wallpapers The range is available through Wallpaper direct and all at reasonable prices for murals and high-end papers.

oriental Chinoise inspired wallpapers For me, the classic oriental sunset mural is ‘the one’.  Now I just need to work out where to put it!

oriental Chinoise inspired wallpapers

View the entire Random Chinoiseries collection online now.

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