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Maybe its the heat, maybe its all the holiday research I’ve been doing lately, but I’m definitely feeling the jungle vibes. Not so much the leafy, all-foliage designs either, more the colonial landscapes with tigers and tropical details. Lost you? Yeah me too.. lets take a look see….

I’m particularly drawn to the monochrome or sepia prints. I absolutely love this one available from Behang Fabreik.

Its called Panorama and it was designed by Jon Iubler for Londonart Italy. It’s available in 2 shades, one dark and one lighter (lighter shown). They are made on demand and scaled to fit to any size you need. Printed on very high quality non woven wallpaper. They look stunning!

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I’ve just discovered a fabulous brand called Devine Savages. Their beautifully detailed wallpapers and fabrics are fun yet sophisticated. Check out the pics below of their Nocturnal Faunacation pattern. We LOVE the colours and the depth of the pattern – just beautiful! Wallpapers start from £140.

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We do of course love anything by Degournay ( if you haven’t visited their site or Googled them on image search you really should…

Their detailed murals are fabulous. The really are masters of capturing the paradise look. Just fab.

Pierre Fray is another aster of the jungle vibe. Whether you’re looking for colour or monochrome you’ll find something you love.

I love interiors! I've always enjoyed styling my home and my husband will tell you I'm always moving things around and trying something new. My favs include Mid Century Modern and Ecclectic mixes of contrasting themes such as classical design and pop art.

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