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We’re so excited to be working with Sunday and Story to bring you vintage rugs direct from Morocco and the beautiful Atlas mountains. Sunday and Story is run by Jo Flynn who fell in love with Morocco in her early 20s. Jo worked as a Fashion Stylists and is bringing her eye for fashion to interiors, sourcing these very on-trend rugs directly from her trips to Morocco.

Jo was one of our very first ‘Loved by G&M’ partners. We instantly fell in love with her passion for the style, drive to succeed and of course, her stunning rugs. We’re delighted to offer them for sale through our website, and now with Part Pay so you can pay over four instalments; making that dream purchase more accessible.

We had a lovely chat with Jo about her venture and we’re pleased to share it with you:

Where does your love for the Moroccan vibe come from?

A huge Stones and Beatnik fan I was always fascinated in their trips out to Morocco in the ’60s. The place looked like such a melting pot to me and I couldn’t wait to go myself. I visited age 20 and immediately fell in love. I’ve been completely obsessed ever since. The bohemian melting pot vibes it something that hugely appeals to my nature. I feel very much at home there now and I love how intoxicating it is. The colours make me incredibly happy, the sounds, tiles, people and of course the beautiful rugs, I just adore it.  

What made you decide to sell vintage rugs?

I love it that they’re made by hand and mostly by the Berber women. Some of the remote Berber villages have only had electricity for seven years. I’m in awe of the workmanship and how creative the rugs are and how dedicated these wonderful weavers were and continue to be to this amazing craft. They’re all works of art. I’m constantly blown away by them. 

What was the first piece that you owned?

A very large boujad piece made in the ’60s. Pretty diamonds on an ivory base. It’s very pretty and feminine. 

How do you decide which rugs to buy?

I’m a former Fashion Stylist. I’ve been told I have ‘an eye’ as they say.  I’m very flattered that’s been said about me. I’m not sure if it’s true of course, I just know what I like. I’m very much like that in life and I’m passionate about what colours work together and how they make you feel. I’m also very practical and when I’m sourcing particular pieces for clients I keep all their specifics in mind. 

How do you give them up?! We’d want to keep them all…

 I decorated a room a couple of months ago but last week I opened a delivery and fell in love with a rug so much that I’m considering repainting the room! I do fall for them all, it’s safe to say. 

How are vintage rugs better than new ones?

Personally, I like the character and detail in them and the fact they were hand made and have history. I also love how timeless they are. 

How do you decide on their names?

I use a lot of French girl’s names. I love France and the French language so that also adds to my obsession with Morocco being French-speaking.  The other names I just get a feel for the piece and name it something fitting. I think they all deserve a lovely name. 

What’s next for Sunday and Story?

I have lots of fun sourcing trips planned. My website is being built at the moment which is exciting and once that’s up and running I’d like to sell a few other products and brands. I’ve approached someone already who’s very talented, so that’s also very exciting.  I’m keen to stock beautiful homewares designed by other like-minded people. I’d also like to partake in giving a percentage of earnings back to the planet and nature. This is obviously very important and necessary. 

Check out the selection of vintage rugs we currently have in stock, ready for fast dispatch to their new home.

Current Sunday and Story Stock

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I love interiors! I've always enjoyed styling my home and my husband will tell you I'm always moving things around and trying something new. My favs include Mid Century Modern and Ecclectic mixes of contrasting themes such as classical design and pop art.

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