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Top of the interior trends

Movers and shakers in interior design 2018/19

Yes, that old chestnut! Trends are a funny thing, aren’t they? This year we asked a brand at Decorex what their favourite trend was and they jumped down my throat about not believing or following interior trends, like it was an insulting question! They shall go unnamed of course, but we were quite shocked as this particular company had done very well from a trend that had (luckily for them) been going strong for several years. What’s so wrong with trends anyway? All they are really is a popular style or idea that lots of people like too. 

So, without further ado and in reverse order, here are my top ten trend predictions for 2019.

10. Mural walls

This may seem quite low but not everyone has space, the guts or maybe the budget to have a wall mural. Personally, we love them and I have one stashed away to use in my new en-suite bedroom we’re hoping to build in 2019.

Big players in this market have been Woodchip and Magnolia who have some amazing murals and very reasonable prices when you consider the excellent quality of the product. They really are fab and we’ve just ordered a massive custom mural for a client project we’re working on.

interior trends 2019

Mural wall by Woodchip & Magnolia

9. Panelling

We’ve seen more and more panelling projects on Instagram this year and we expect to see more in 2019. It’s a slightly fiddly but incredibly satisfying job. I panelled the bottom quarter of my lounge wall this year and I’m really pleased with the results.

panelled wall

PIC from Elle Decoration DK

8. Gold/brass or black metals

Do you remember when everyone had silver/nickel light switches, door furniture, light fittings etc? Did anyone buy some recently? We’ve been doing for bronzes and golds but also blacks in some rooms and on Instagram, we can see that you have too!

Habitat’s lighting range

Credit: Wandsworth Electrical

7. Green

We think this one is a climber. Deep, dirty, almost neural greens. This year Farrow and Ball released Bancha, a deep green inspired by the tea and with a real oriental vibe. We love it and are work on another project using it at the moment.

Farrow & Ball’s Bancha

Credit: Dulux

6. Dark or contrasting woodwork

Not so long ago all our woodwork was white. However, we’re now painting them in contrasting colours as features or pairing them into the wall colour to create a clean look. The same goes for wall and ceiling mouldings – if you’re lucky enough to have them, give them a fresh lease of life.

Credit: Little Greene

5. Weaves

We’re all over this trend! Woven seats, cabinet fronts, screens, whatever, we love it! Linking with another trend coming up higher in my chart, the woven look has an instant oriental feel for me. We love the Waska range from La Redoute and also some independent stores online.

weave trend

Beautiful woven range ‘Waska’ from LaRedoute

4. Pink

We think it’s here to stay! We’ve been talking about it being the new neutral and we think that’s how it might be used next year. As part of a palette, pink brings a warmth that allows you to use several colder colours. I’ve used Farrow & Ball’s new Sulking Room Pink in my lounge and it’s a real deep and dirty pink, great as a neutral or a way to do pink without inviting Barbie!

3. Oriental influences

We can see hint of oriental touches sneaking into some of our favourite Instagrammer’s homes. Just a touch, but it’s definitely there! Whether it’s a woven screen or cabinet, or the dark woodwork, feature painting or oriental style rug. It works well with the slightly scandi style too, which we can see pushing on into 2019…


Credit: Cuckooland

2. Scandi

It’s the trend that will not go away, and we don’t want it to! Well, maybe the name… The Scandinavian or Nordic style (as we prefer to call it ?) has so many lovely elements; woods, neutral/pastel colours, simple patterns, bringing nature inside and beautiful tactile textiles.

Alice in Scandiland has to be one of the biggest scandi styles Instagram accounts in the UK and we love her style. A splash of colour but in a really well-orchestrated palette that just sings of the Scandinavian style. We also follow some international accounts, one of our favourites being Nordic Remake by Ida Hansson – if you haven’t seen it you need to!

Credit: Alice in Scandiland

Credit: Ida Hansson, Nordic Remake

1. Neutrals

Neutrals are our top tip trend for 2019. In a year where I’ve painted out my dark walls and picked a neutral pink, a grey and a white, I’m definitely on board! Neutral doesn’t meet grey or beige, neutral is a soft tone or a colour that doesn’t scream out at you, but just sits happily as part of a wider palette.

Neutral goes into the styling too; uncluttered, more minimal than we’ve been doing lately, letting the colours do all the work.

Farrow and Ball’s new colours included some great shades for neutral palettes, but interestingly no new greys as we don’t need them any more. Dulux has launched a range of colours following and supporting Spiced Honey, it’s colour for 2019.

What’s out or on its way out?

There are definitely some trends that we feel have left the building. Not to say they can’t look fab, but we’re definitely seen much less of them over the last few months.

Jungle and tropical appear to be moving on… the green leafy wallpapers, the flamingos (Sally won’t miss them at all ?) all seem to be moving on.

Dark walls are still popular but we haven’t seen many new ones lately… people are restyling them and there are some strong styles that still work really well with dark walls. However, we’ve seen quite a few painted or wallpapered over lately…

Finally, the mid-century style seems to have peaked and started to decline. Not to say that beautiful pieces of Teak and retro-inspired patterns aren’t still in trend because they are, just as part of other growing trends perhaps.

So what do you think? Anything we’ve missed? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading.

I love interiors! I've always enjoyed styling my home and my husband will tell you I'm always moving things around and trying something new. My favs include Mid Century Modern and Ecclectic mixes of contrasting themes such as classical design and pop art.

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