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Interesting ideas for how to display flowers

It’s one of the busiest days of the year for florists around the world. Millions of flowers will be given to lovers in honour of Saint Valentine. It is estimated that 8 million red roses have travelled in the UK alone this year. Personally, I’m not a red rose fan, I prefer a humble daffodil, a thistle, perhaps a lily or even just a bunch of gum! To be honest, some nice foliage from the garden arranged in a jar would do me – its the thought that counts.

If you are lucky enough to receive any form of flowers this Valentine’s day why not display them in a different way this year? We’ve been having a look at what others have done and here are some interesting ideas on how to display flowers this Valentine’s day.

Split the pack

If you get a bouquet, it’s tempting to keep it in the arrangement that it comes in, which is lovely, but you could try something different. Perhaps try splitting out the feature flowers and displaying them separately.

how to display flowers


Perhaps go as far as grouping them by type – these look really effective and you get the spread them around your home or create a bigger display. Don’t forget, thing tend to look better in even numbers (ideally 3).

Credit: Nova68

Credit: Coco Cozy

Its all about the vase

That doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive vase either! An old jug, an empty jam jar or even a tin can look fab. I love the use of the old chemist bottle below – perfect for a single stem. It’s the contrast of nature and man-made that works.

Credit: Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

If you have some statement vases use them to create a full display. Often the flowers are the main attraction, but the vase can be a centrepiece too! We love these vases from Chris Kabel are beautiful and change our way of thinking about a vase.

Credit: Chris Kabel Vases

Go single stem

The single red rose is a popular choice on Valentine’s Day when the price of flowers rockets! A single stem can look absolutely beautiful. Display in a tall necked jar or a custom vase like the one below from Etsy.

Credit: Etsy

Placement is also important. This single pink rose looks beautiful against this neutral wall in a simple bottle stacked on top of some colour coordinated books. Just don’t tip it over!

Try something really different

Fancy getting creative? Why not try hanging your flowers, either individually or in groups. Flowers actually last quite well hung upside down…

Credit: Anna Potter for Architectural Digest

Love your flower so much you want to keep them forever? Before they wilt pack them between paper under a heavy book. Store them somewhere dry and warm (an airing cupboard perhaps) and leave them for a couple of months. Then, carefully remove them from their hiding place and lift off the paper. Your flowers should have dried and flattened, ready to be framed between glass, as Ikea has done below. A really different idea to display flowers!

Credit: Ikea

I hope this has given you some ideas as to how to display flowers this year. Have a wonderful Valentine’s day. My son always draws me a bunch of flowers on Valentine’s day to frame – it doesn’t get any better than that.

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