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Spanish Interiors – inspired by an amazing trip to southern Spain

I’m just back from an amazing trip to Southern Spain and I’m feeling totally inspired by the beautiful Spanish interiors. Our adventure started in the beautiful city of Granada, the last stronghold of the Arabs before they were sent back to Africa by the Spanish. As a result, the city is full of Arabic charm from the stunning nature-inspired hand-painted tiles to the arching windows we would all associate with neighbouring Morocco.

The beautiful Alhambra sits proudly on the hillside, a stunning fortress beautifully preserved both inside and out, a prominent reminder of the area’s history. A lovely view from the window of our apartment for the first three nights.

Inside the building is stunning and you cannot help but be completely inspired. The floor tiles are different in every room, all inspired by the natural world, tying the inside and outside together seamlessly.

The most regal parts of the palace feature the classic arched windows of Arab style. The intricate details caught by the sun at different times of the day.

On the second part of our trip, we ventured into the mountains for a taste of the Alpujurran villages, set high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Here the style turns much more traditional Spanish with white walls splashed with colour from the plants, brightly colour pots and rugs.

The Alpujurran villages are in full festival spirit as we arrive and each is decorated in colourful knitted displayed hung high in the streets.

The shops all sell locally made rugs in bright colours which look stunning against the whitewashed walls. It was very tempting to bring them home but they weigh a tonne and our Easyjet luggage allowance just couldn’t take it.

So, how can you bring it all together to make a stylish space in your home, without looking like you literally bought a piece of Spain home with you? Well here are some examples that I think are done beautifully.

El Rey Court by @amandaparet

I love this so much! The classic Spanish style home with whitewash walls, terracotta tiled floors and blasts of colour.

Orlova Maria of Unsplash

Aside from the whitewash you also see some walls this shade in the Alupjurras. The soft terracotta hues blend so well in this shot by Orlova Maria of Unsplash.

Credit: Vogue Australia

If the colour doesn’t work for you, you can always recreate the styling without it. This dining room has strong hints of Hispanic style but the colour blends with the rest of the home, tied in with some modern pieces and of course, foliage.

Credit: Em Henderson

This beautiful lounge has it just right. Classic Spanish styling with a modern, comfortable edge. The fireplace brings the traditional Spanish feel combined with the patterned rug and whitewashed walls. The pin-tucked chesterfield in a comfy blue fabric gives a hint of the typical Spanish palette, but with a modern twist.

Credit: @navyinteriordesign

I’m so inspired by this show from @navyinteriordesign via Instagram. I love the colour from the rug in an otherwise pared-back palette with whitewash walls.

Credit: Orlova Maria of Unsplash

This pic has got me wanted to redecorate right now! Look at those stunning floor tiles, the colour has been cleverly repeated in the room making them a real feature. Stunning.

Credit: @thestylishwoman

Wow. This stunning space is the Sala Beckett theatre in Barcelona. Designed by @floresprats and captured by @lucylear_

Credit: @ventanahomedesign

Another stunning lounge space, look at those gorgeous tiles in the fireplace!

Credit: @livingcorriere

Let’s hope this Spanish dreaming wears off soon or we could be redecorating very soon!

I love interiors! I've always enjoyed styling my home and my husband will tell you I'm always moving things around and trying something new. My favs include Mid Century Modern and Ecclectic mixes of contrasting themes such as classical design and pop art.

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