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Summer has brought with it an influx of tropical ‘Gelato‘ inspired palettes to add colour and zest to our homes. The palettes often contain or sit beautifully alongside the Pantone colour of the year; Greenery. These beautiful pops of colour glow against the green as they would in nature of course.

Here are some lovely examples of this palette in action, but on difference scales… It doesn’t have to be outrageous!


What types of palettes are we talking about? Here are a few:

Pinks are a given, but they’re not really baby pinks or barbie doll pinks, they’re deeper, creamier pinks – more like a raspberry ice-cream colour in fact… think Raspberry ripple!

The yellows are either lemon or more subdued, like mango or pineapple.

There also also lots of chocolates in there that sit beautifully against the minty greens.

A classic, delicate style

You can or course take the palette as far as you like… they work really well against a neural background palette as they pop out at you.

Below, the colours are balanced perfectly with white. They feel delicate and subtle, yet make a real design-impact on the room.


Brighten and enlighten

With white as a backdrop you can also be quite bold, especially in smaller spaces. A bathroom is a great place to try this out. So many of us have white tiles, white suites and colour is the only way to make them more individual to our styles. The below shower curtains are fabulous!


(Pinterest, various)

These palettes also work well as pastels. If you did colour theory at school, you know that you create pastel shades by adding white or grey to a vibrant colour. It mellows them down, but they still create a great effect!

Tone it down…

If this is more your thing, don’t forget to add at least one more vibrant accent colour to attract the eye. The below shots have used yellow for this and we think they look fabulous!


Elegant and timeless…

They work so well in an elegant room. The flamboyant colours used in velvets and the use of metals and greenery create a rich and sumptuous feel.


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