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Create your own spa in your bathroom

One of the trends that has been huge this year and will definitely be going forward is Spa Bathrooms put that together with #selfcaresunday and we have a match made in heaven.

The perfect Sunday afternoon sorted, don’t you think?  Now we are not saying that this has to be a regular Sunday thing or for you to even have one of those bathrooms that we all dream about, of course that would be nice, but once a month would be achievable for all of us, and once in our blissful retreat then we can conjure up a spa bathroom of our dreams. 

So lets get this started, its time to:

  1. Declutter
  2. Create extra storage
  3. Choose calming colours
  4. Upgrade your shower head
  5. Mix in nature
  6. Update your towels and Mats.
  7. Add calming scents
  8. Find a good book or Podcast
  9. Pick the perfect pyjamas

Image Credit: Dunelm Mill

Declutter, all those half used bottles of shampoo and conditioner, pop them in one bottle, or even better into a set of beautiful Apothecary Style Soap & Lotion Dispensers, like this one from Rockett St George.

Storage is always a massive headache in a bathroom as most of us do tend to have a small space. A good mirrored cabinet with storage is a godsend. We love this mirrored Godmorgon cabinet from Ikea.

bathroom spa

Image Credit: Ikea

Soap dish from Rockett St George

A bench is also very spa like, lovely folded fluffy towels and your spa accessories on show. Or storage box to hide those toys away.

Calming colours, from spa whites to rainforest greens with a dash of Azure blue or the darkest of nights, what would your choice be?

Shower heads, not to get all technical over them, descale or replace thats the best advice I can give in a quick sentence and there are really four types. Wall mounted, hand held, Body Spray and rainfall. 

Credit: Scott Bromley & Robin Jacobson

Bathroom plants, the easiest way to make your bathroom your spa sanctuary. From faux to real whatever you find the easiest. Add a few baskets and what a transformation. From the beautiful peace Lilly to spider plants, just check that they are suitable for the bathroom first.

Designed by Amanda Greeley, photo by Ben Jack

Beautiful white fluffy towels and a bathmat give a feel of luxury, just keep a white set for yourself as your treat, keep the kids grubby hands off, don’t dry the dogs with them and defiantly keep your other half away from them.

The best bit, treating yourself to some gorgeous smelling bath oils. Our go to brand is a local one that we love for loads more info on these guys pop over to our interview section to learn all about them.

Pic by West Country Shutters

Why Linen? It’s exceptionally soft, has natural long fibres which help to regulate your body temperature as you sleep with its breathability and high moisture absorbency. It’s also perfectly weighted which helps to ease you into the perfect deep sleep. Linen is perfect for every season – fresh in the summer and cool in the winter. Another great quality of linen is that it gets even softer and softer with wear. 

Doesn’t that want to make you jump straight into those Pjs. This is our favourite set, Midnight Stripe Linen Pyjama Trouser set from Piglet in Bed. Made from 100% natural stonewashed flax this pyjama trouser set has an elasticated waistband, drawstring, white pearl buttons and is finished with terracotta piping. Ironing is optional as its crumpled texture looks great straight out of the dryer. Linen is warm and cosy in the winter and fresh in the warmer months.

Once your in your zone, relax, pop on your favourite pod cast, or read a book.  Pure heaven  time to switch off and unwind.

To finish that perfect home spa session treat yourself to some soft, beautiful cut nightwear, for us we highly recommend Linen.  It’s such a treat, and makes you feel so grown up.

Image credit: Victoria Plum

Piglet in Bed Pyjamas

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