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Gallery Wall Guide

If you follow a few interior instagrammers, you’ll probably notice that most of them have a gallery wall somewhere in their homes. They’re a great feature that allows you display art or pictures, and lots of them, even on walls that aren’t that big. Many different pictures, all working together to make one big piece of art.

Getting it right is really important, you could just get on and mail them all up there, but chances are you won’t be 100% pleased with the outcome. A great gallery wall takes a bit of planning and consideration. Here are our top tips for putting together different types of gallery wall.

First, the cheat options:

Habitat Gallery Wall

Habitat offers a set of 5 frames that would make a lovely gallery wall. You could always buy two sets and make it bigger too.

The set is just £60 which isn’t too bad for 5 good quality frames.

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gallery wall

John Lewis Gallery Wall

John Lewis’ gallery wall set includes 7 frames and also two layout guides to help you position them on the wall.

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gallery wall Gallery Wall guides has lots of lovely wall art and offers tips on how to put them all together too.

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picture wall

How to do it yourself

Make it fit the space

Try and do/plan something the fits within the space well. It all about creating a shape that pleases your eye and for most of us, that’s about balance. If you have an eye for balance, go ahead and have a go yourself. If you don’t there are loads of great gallery wall templates out there that you can use.

gallery wall

French by design

Gallery wall by The Spruce


There generally needs to be something in common between all your picture (usually). This might be the frame, all black or all white for example, or perhaps the colour scheme of the pictures.

Homepolish Gallery Wall

Kate Spade

Try using a corner

The corner of a room, using two walls for your gallery, can look fabulous. It can make an awkward or perhaps dark corner a feature of the room.

Elle Decor

Coco Lapin Design

Line it up

If you need symmetry in your life, and go around lining thing up, perhaps your should consider a grad style gallery wall. This is where all the pictures line up or are even the same size. The final effect can be really dramatic. I would suggest in this instance there needs to be a lot of consistency between the pictures, perhaps all black and white for example.

Margot & Me

Emily Henderson

Go free style

If you’re comfortable in anarchy and imbalance, you can go wild with your gallery wall. Mix is up with pictures and objects, play with a lack of balance but make sure it still feels right in the room. Not for the faint hearted or highly strung, but the effect can be fantastic!

Norsu interiors

Elle Decoration

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