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Earth Colours

One of my colour predictions for 2018 is more of a colour group really. I’ve toiled over what to call them, avoiding some preconceptions whilst still saying what I mean; something I’m failing at right now in fact. They are earth colours. Think of the different types of soils you see around the world – you’re with me! They’re brown, red, mustardy, pales, but all a rich brown base colour. I’m not selling it am I? Perhaps let’s have a look at some inspiration to start.

Terracotta Room - earth colours - The Design Walker

Credit: via The Design Walker

This gorgeous panelled room look stunning in this rick terracotta colour. Yes that’s right, terracotta. But its not you’re nan’s terracotta, its a bold, vibrant colour that warms and create excitement. Tones of other earth colours work so well together. Accessories in red, browns and even pinks create interest without jumping out too much and conflicting with the orange tones.


Reds are a great winter colours too. They create instant warmth and don’t need any accents or complementary colours – they totally hold their own.

Chocolate walls earth colours

Credit: Jotun Lady paint

Browns are the ultimate earth colour, but require a degree of confidence to take them on! It must be the right shade too. This brown has a rich chocolate tone and tones with the dark accessories create a harmonious feel.


Match any of these colours with neutrals to create contrast that doesn’t conflict. Keeping accessories neutral allows the rich colour to shine through. This wire chair looks fab against the burnt orange.

Credit: Hoxton Hotel

By using blocks of earth colours you can mix and match tones. Deep, rich reds and fleshy pinks create a modern, elegant feel. All these colours work so well with gold too.

Here’s a few more examples we’ve looked at.

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