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Millennial what?

I know, I know, its like buzzword bingo! But that is what a trend is all about, the words on everyones lips, the phrases and terms that only come into existence to explain something that we’re all trying out for the first time. Pink is generally thought to be girlie or brash, but Millennial pink has also been popular in mens clothing this year. So what is it? Well, its a warm salmon pink but less orange and a bit like nude but with more vibrance… you know what I’m talking about – its everywhere!

This warm and comparatively subtle pink is really versatile. When its pale is becomes a warming neutral, complementing natural colours and contrasting deeper, darker colours. When its fully saturated, its vibrant and rich. Millennial pink has been a really popular colour in velvets this year as we’ve seen the velvet furnishings market boom.

We’re not just bring it into our bedroom and lounge either, its everywhere. In the kitchen we’ve seen pink tiles become really popular and even pink electrical items have been launched by big brands.

For most of us we tried out pink as an accent colour, through accessories and furnishings. Greys have also become very popular again, and millennial pink works really well with them too as an accent in a neutral colour palette.

Millennial pink has a glamorous side too. It works so well with golds and copper as they bring out the colours warm tones. In the 50s and 60s pink was popular in the art deco style and we’ve been seen that used again recently in trendy bars and shops.

2017 has been the year when it became acceptable to own a pink sofa again. But it must be velvet and have beautiful legs. The pink must be just right through!

So is this pink acceptable to men? Well my husband is certainly more accepting of this pink than others. He wouldn’t wear it, but he’s fairly happy to live with it as such. Purists will tell you that rose gold is not a millennial pink, but if you like it go for it, its your home after all!

There are also lots of lovely millennial pink wall papers available to buy, giving your plenty of options for adding pink to you walls – including rose gold pink!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Instagram feed or click below to see our Millennial pink Pinterest Board.

 Check out our Millennial Pink Pinterest Board

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