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Over at my house we’re in the midst of planning for an extension, but sadly the plans don’t go as far as remodelling the kitchen (cry) but don’t panic, I have a plan… I’ve put aside £1,200 to rework the kitchen over the next month, to include the change of worktops, change of cupboard doors, removal of tiles and plaster and some other details that I’m still working on.

The budget is tight, but I think it’s possible. Here’s what I have in mind.

This was my first drawing. I had planned to keep my existing cupboard doors and paint them again, but after speaking with the very helpful carpenter he’s convinced me that I can do it on my budget.

In my attaching dining room I’ve got Setting Plaster on the walls which I really love, so it’s important that this room blends with that. I’m thinking of using Setting Plaster on the wall cabinets (as shown above) with a lighter colour on the walls. Currently toying with a few colours but currently, I really like these:


I’ve picked Farrow and Ball’s Joa’s White for the walls; a warm off white with hints of red to blend well with Setting Plaster. On the bottom cabinets I’m thinking either F&B Green Smoke or Card Room Green; both lovely rich greens but not too dark. As mentioned before, the top cabinets would be Setting Plaster.

I had considered taking the top cabinets off the wall and going for shelves, but having spoken to a few people, decided against it. Why? 1) I don’t want to have to constantly wash and clean the shelves and their contents and 2) We have too much stuff and shelves tend to attract clutter which I don’t want.


I’ve always wanted marble worktops. They’d match my beautiful Saarinen table and tie with my marble fireplace in the lounge and soon my coffee table (work in progress). This project however has all been prompted because I’ve been gifted some beautiful solid laminate Marble-look Worktops from the lovely Worktop Express. Solid laminate is quite new and they’re proving to be really popular. I’ll post some pics of them as soon as they are in all their glory.

Cupboard doors

I’ve been playing with InDesign (I’m lucky enough to use it a lot at work and it’s such a fab tool for mockups!) and I’ve investigated a few kitchen cupboard designs…

I currently have Setting Plaster on these I think and I’m just considering the colours…

On my ‘cupboard wall’ it would then look like this:

I LOVE this. I’ve sent this to the carpenter to get some costs and I’m hoping it will be on-budget!

The other wall in the kitchen has the door but also currently an ugly cupboard with a fridge wedged into it. It’s not quite as bad as it sounds but still, it’s not staying.

I’m going to either:

a) build a larder cupboard and integrate a fridge freezer and microwave into it.


b) Build a larder cupboard (always wanted one!) and get a freestanding fridge freezer. I’ve pictured a Smeg but that could prove to be cost prohibitive!

So, which would you do? I’m torn! More coming soon…

I love interiors! I've always enjoyed styling my home and my husband will tell you I'm always moving things around and trying something new. My favs include Mid Century Modern and Ecclectic mixes of contrasting themes such as classical design and pop art.

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