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It feels like everyone is getting a mural wall!.. and I am too soon 🙂 when I find time to get it on the wall and agree with myself which wall I want it on. Hmmm.. not get then. When I was picking which mural I wanted I visited many, many, many sites to see where was best to buy, who had the best ratings and where I could find something a little bit different. I thought I’d share my research with you…

It all started on Instagram (of course). If you search for #muralwallpaper you’ll not be short of inspiration. From hand-painted beauties from Degournay (see right, pic by @lizziemontgomerydesign on Instagram) to more off-the-shelf design from online retailers. They all have their place! As much as I’d love a Degournay original, my budget didn’t fit my aspirations. That said, I’m really please with my choice. Its what I wanted and the quality seems really good too (more about what I chose when the room is finished!).

There are a few key trends at the moment that seem to be inspiring the mural wallpaper market. The jungle vibe has to be the biggest. Whether its a vintage oriental jungle or a real-to-life woodland setting that you’re after, there’s something for everyone.

Another trend is floral. We’ve seen some stunning floral mural in a hand-painted style recently. Almost with an oriental feel – so pretty.

Finally, the texture trend. It isn’t all about detail, sometimes some texture and colour can create a great backdrop for a room. We love paint effect and plaster murals. Better than wallpaper as the repeat is much much larger so it looks much more real.

Here are a few of our favourite murals we’ve spotted lately.

Where to buy

These guys are my three favourite places for Mural Wallpapers:

Woodchip & Magnolia

The love affair started last year at London Design week when we met them at their stand. We’ve had a close eye on their collections since! This is where my new mural is from 🙂 so please with it. Lovely quality and you can buy ‘standard fit’ murals and make them work for your room rather than getting a custom print. Worked out well for me!

Love the sound of their new ‘Land of milk and honey’ collection too. Can’t wait to see it!

Rebel Walls

It’s all in the name! Some amazing murals from the out-there to the subtle and soothing. Their site is great to use and allows you to search by style, colour, room and much more. Their products get great reviews and we’ve seen them on some of our fav Instagram accounts (bought, not gifts).

Here are some of our favourites:

Murals Wallpaper

Mural Wallpaper were one of the first to offer ‘order-online’ mural wallpapers a couple of years ago. They’ve got a massive range and they offer both the decorative and ‘pretty’ styles to the textures and effects that look great on all your walls.

Here are some of our favourites:

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