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The best looking kettles available to buy

Ah, the kettle. Bringer of hot water to make much-needed tea and coffee – and much much more. We were without a kettle for two days last year and you quite quickly realise how useful a kettle is. Making a hot drink suddenly involves boiling some water in a saucepan on the hob. Cooking spaghetti involves waiting for the water to boil on the hob before adding the spaghetti. Disaster! Just because its a really functional item doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter what it looks like. You could look at it as the object every kitchen has and uses every single day – so definitely something to invest in.

In the last couple of years, designers have been really trying to inspire us with common kitchen items such as the humble kettle. There are now so many to choose from as varying price points and practicality levels. Performance aside (we’ve not tested them for function!) here are our favourite looking kettles available to buy now.

Best looking Kettle Guide

Alessi Kettle Plissé

Straight out of a designer’s imagination, the Alessi kettle is really stunning. I was so impressed with the price – I have a least three figures in my mind! You can buy it for just £96! It’s taking everything I’ve got not to order one right now! Available in a few lovely colours, get your right now! Surely has to be one of the best looking kettles around.

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Morphy Richards 100016 Aspect Kettle

We love a bit of cork! This beautiful kettle has a lovely shape and the cork gives it a tactile edge. A good price and available with matching toaster.

Sophisticated in design the cork effect trim of the Morphy Richards Aspect kettle contrasts sharply with the white body, adding a designer touch to the kitchen counter.

For me, a top runner for one of the best looking kettles on the market!

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Dunelm’s Retro Kettle

Looking for something with a strong retro vibe but on a budget? Look no further! Available in a range of colours including pink, yellow and seafoam green, this kettle  will definitely create an impact!

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best looking kettles

You can’t go wrong with Smeg

Smeg is the iconic kitchen electrical brand. I’ve never owned an item of Smeg myself, but I’m very tempted. Available in a range of colours including this rather bright pink!

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Sage the Compact Kettle™ Pure

If you want something less faddy and more contemporary, this might catch your eye! A simple, minimal design…

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Dualit Architect Kettle

Is it a kettle or is it a rocket? Either way, it’s beautiful! Everything about Dualit’s Architect Kettle is cool and collected. Resilient and stylish, this kettle makes boiling water an art form. The powerful 2.3kW element brings water to boiling point super fast, and a unique smooth pouring action prevents any water from dripping on to your kettle or work surface. With a 1.5L capacity, this is the perfect size for catering for families whilst still being handy for a quick cup.

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We’d love to hear from you. What do you think are the best looking kettles at the moment? Comments below!

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