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House Plants

My husband says that our house is beginning to look like a greenhouse – and I love it! Plants add texture and interest and are really good for you too! You don’t have to be green fingered either; there are a few types that I only have to look at the kill. Going for low maintenance, ‘neglect is best’ plants will allow you to fill your house with  plants without needed a rota to keep up with their need.

I also love plant pots. Not just your standard plastic B&Q basic pot, but baskets, tins, kettles and just about whatever else you can think of. The pot adds interest and ties your plan into the theme of your room.

Here are a few of my favourite examples:

house plantsImage from

Mixing it up

Different types of plants in different pots of different colours. I have a couple of the one in the middle at the back – it’s called ‘Mother-in-law’s tongue’ (which I don’t understand at all lol) or ‘Sansevieria trifasciata’ to give it it’s real name. It have lovely yellow edges and the spikes curl up towards the light. Love it.

This particular scheme would fit into almost any of my room with the yellow and grey grey/blue pot. You might have notices that I LOVE yellow and I try and get it into every room (usually just an accent; I’m not crazy).

The Citizenry
Adia Planter ($65)


Easy to take care of in that they don’t need much watering, but they do like a lot of light, so a bright windowsill is a good choice of these little guys. Due to their size, I think they work best in groups or at least pairs and pots that give them some heights and substance. The pots above are gorgeous and really set off the textures of the plant.

HomeSense and TKMaxx have some lovely little plant pots in stores at the moment (sorry I don’t have a pic!).


Hanging around

Plants don’t just have to sit on the floor. Lots of indoor plants are actually quite comfortable hanging and dangling. Macramé hangers made a big come back last year and I’ve got one in my hall way. It allows me to have a plant in a space where it would continuously get bashed and knocked over if it were on the floor (my kids and dog whirlwind through there far too often) so having it up high is ideal. There are loads of different ones on the market and I think they look great mixed up.

Here are some gorgeous hanging terrariums from Joy.


A terrarium allows you to create a little habitat with a mix of plants. I also like that you can see the soil and roots through the glass. The ones above are from Oliver Bonas and are available here.

Or go large with a plant terrarium like this large Terrarium from Dunelm.


Basket case

I love a plant in a basket, especially a belly basket. The belly baskets above are from Olli Ella.

A large foliage filled plant works best I think, like a Howea forsteriana Palm.

Bring a tree inside

If you have the space, a large tree-type plant in your home came make a big impact! They can give height and interest to your room and large plants have large health benefits too as they clean up much more air. Plus, they’ve been proven to make us just feel better! I’m going to be looking for a tree to fit my home very soon…

Here are some more lovely tree inspiration images for your home:

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