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The dining chair – dining table mix is a conundrum I’ve been tackling lately. Do you go modern table and vintage chair, all vintage, vintage table vintage style modern chairs, or… I’m not even sure what else! There are some classic chairs that we probably all recognise you don’t learn the names until you get searching for them, like the Prague Bistro chair, and there are others that are classic choices such as the Eames chair. Picking the right chair depends on what you want too – is comfort the most important or is design king?

When I asked Sally about it she told me there was only one option; the Wishbone Chair. I’d never heard of it! But now I see them everywhere and I really need them! However they don’t come cheap.

Wishbone Chairs

wishbone chair

A design classic

The wishbone chair is a beautifully simple chair, with, as you might guess, a wishbone shape on the back rest. The Wishbone Chair was one of the very first models Hans J. Wegner designed especially for Carl Hansen & Son and has been in continuous production since 1950. It’s a classic chair and with is heritage, it comes at a price!

wishbone dining chairs

They come in a range of styles, but most have the traditional woven seat which I really love. The wood finish really changes the look too, from classic pine to walnut, they all look great. They even come in a range of colours!

Where to buy

FER Chair

Super Studio

£99 in sale (£270 NRP)

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Wishbone Chair – Black

Swivel UK

£137   Other colours available

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Wishbone Polypropylene

Super Studio

£39.65   Cheapest in style!

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