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Oh my, am I having a love affair with a Rattan chair. I’ve not stop dreaming and looking for the perfect piece. These beauties fit with both the dark and moody style interiors and also the blissful current colour favs of pink and green. Well to be honest, they fit in with every interior style you don’t have to be all out mid century to fall in love with rattan.

Now take a look at these lovely chairs and dream away…


These two are £125.00 and £195 from Homeplace.

You can also pick up some amazing chairs from Etsy, such as the below:

If you can’t stretch to a vintage piece, the shops are starting to catch on to the demand and some reproduction options are available, such as…


The Mickey, Synthetic Rattan Dining Chair from Habitat. From £70

The rattan classic shape! The Koba rattan chair from Habitat, £295.

Cox & Cox


These gorgeous two start from £200. Buy rattan from Cox&Cox. I love the tub chair with the sheepskin!

Graham & Green

This rattan wing chair from Graham & Green is fantastic!! But will set you back £495…. I think it’s worth it 🙂


I've always been visually minded and I've spent the last decade working for high street brands with home and interiors departments. I've been involved in both the sourcing and also styling of shop floors and displays, which has taught me a few tricks of the trade! I love all things interiors and embrace each and every trend as they happen.

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