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Linen Bedding Buying Guide

Its the bedding of the moment – beautiful washed linen bedding. As Autumn draws in the evening and mornings have a bite to them and we’re all looking to snuggle up warm in bed. Linen is warm yet breathable and everyone says its the most comfortable bedding out there. It does come with a couple of warnings though, firstly it isn’t cheap and secondly it doesn’t look precision tidy – if you like to iron your sheets it isn’t for you!

Linen Bedding Linen Bedding

Its important that you go for washed linen too. If it isn’t pre-washed it can be a little stiff and uncomfortable. It also gives the colour a bit of fade, adding to the effect in my opinion.

I’ve been on the search for some linen bedding for my own home, so here’s my research on where to buy.

Linen Bedding Buying Guide


This is where I’ve ordered my bedding from; its soft and of lovely quality. The range of colours available are really good too. They also do a range of pillow and sheet sizes if you like to mix and match your pillows. As well as bedding they also have bed spread throws and cushions to match.

Not a bad price for linen either! From £79.99 for a duvet cover and two pillowcases. If you sign up to their club you can also get 10% off and free delivery…

from £79.99 for a duvet set (includes 2 pillow cases)

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La Redoute

The best bit about La Redoute is that they do some amazing sales that give up to 50% off. You just have to time your purchase right! At the time of writing they have 25% off everything…

They offer a massive range of colours. We love the pinks and rusts – so on trend!!

From £75 for just a duvet cover (full price, no discount)

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So Linen

I found this Polish site on my search and fell in love with their frilled pillowcases (see image). Desperate to order them but waiting for pay day! Don’t worry about the big numbers in the pricing, the exchange rate put the pillow cases shown as £18 each.

From £80 (with exchange rate at time of writing) for a duvet cover only

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Made also offer a lovely range of washed linen sheets. They have a great core colours that are right on trend. Perhaps use Made for the base bed set and accessories with cushions and throws to add additional colours.

A reasonable price at £119 for a set.

From £199 for duvet cover and two pillowcases

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Also offering a good range of colours. We really like Coral and Yellow.

No the cheapest at £169.99 for a set.

From £169.99

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A great place to buy from independents. We found a great range of colours and varying prices. Starting from £59.99 for a set.

From £59.99

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