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Rattan beds and headrests

Rattan is a such a great material and its malleable yet strong nature means it can be used in so many different ways. We’ve all obsessed over peacock chairs and why would’t you want that throne-like structure in your bedroom too! Its not just about the ornate structures, it can also be used to make wonderful weaves, similar to that which we see on the seat of some of our favourite dining chairs. It has an inherently french feel, which also ties with current french boudoir trends that we’re all loving.

Sunday to me always conjures up romantic mornings of reading the papers, eating breakfast, happy families, planning the day ahead of relaxing walk followed by a roast or in summer picnics and swimming. So the reality may be not quite that, perhaps more like a cup of tea in bed with a wriggly  2 yr old arguing with the older one over cereal. Whatever your morning, waking up in a rattan bed put you in the holiday boho vibe.

So lets look firstly at what we’re all aspiring for. Hotels are a great place to find out of-the-ordinary beds and art hotels never let us down. These two hotel beds are just stunning! The first is from Paris’ Panache Hotel and the second is from Istanbul’s Bosphorous House Hotel.

Image Credit: Hotel Bosphorus, Istanbul via Travel Plus Style

There are also some really beautiful vintage rattan beds and headboards around. You might have to trawl the antique shops and online stores, or you can buy some lovely reproduction ones (see below!).


There are loads of lovely new bed  in these styles available to buy online. Here are are few of our favourites:

Image credit:

Rattan bed and headrest buying guide

Nadia from Habitat natural handwoven rattan double bed combines rattan stems in different thicknesses for a light, airy design with a distinctive shape.

Designed in house by Matt Long, the bed banishes all thoughts of traditional 70s rattan designs with a headboard and footboard that wrap around the edge of the mattress. 

£550.00 for a double.

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The Peacock headed is a beautiful addition to any bed frame, but where to buy I here you cry.

Also available from,

La Redoute has a lovely range of reproduction rattan headboards. This is the Tio priced at £225.

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Anthropologie’s crisscrossed rattan creates a light canopy, giving you the feeling of being at once cocooned and open to the breeze. Currently out of stock but coming back soon we’re assured!

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A beautiful french inspired bed from Le Maison Chic.

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This marvellous antique French bed is hand carved, in a stunning antique black red rub finish. This bed has an exquisite finish, delicate wood carvings in solid mahogany, and smooth curves so you can achieve that beautiful shabby chic or boudoir look. 

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Versailles solid weathered oak and rattan covered headboard for a contemporary romantic look. From Feather and Black.

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Avalon, a bed that beckons for naps, daydreams, and lazy afternoons. Beautifully made of rattan, it brings an airy, natural beauty to the room. The original inspiration? A French sofa from the 40s our designers found on their travels.

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