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Bureau of Change

As you might know, we’re based down on the south coast. I live in Portsmouth and Southsea is my go-to for cool little shops and unique boutiques. One place I always head to is the Bureau of Change, an amazing shop on Albert Road in Southsea.  I first became aware of these guys when they had a space in South Coast Emporium, but now they have their own shop just a short walk away and it really is a Gem of a place, honestly its fantastic!

In August Neil, Liz, Rose and Clover from Bureau of Change moved to the fantastic new space and I for one make a beeline every time I hit Southsea for a browse. The stock is forever changing so it always looks fresh and inspiring. What a fantastic concept; interior pieces from Neil and plants from Liz.

I popped in last week to purchase some large leaf eucalyptus stems and I was lucky enough to bump into both Neil and Liz. We sat at one of the beautiful tables that are for sale, tucked between succulents and plants and under the most fantastic array of lighting to be seen. I was in heaven! After a good old chin wag, Neil very kindly gave Green and Mustard a couple of gifts for our Advent giveaway. Someone is going to be very very lucky. And of course if your not, then please do pop down to the shop and say hi and pick up a gift, for yourself or a friend. 

Here’s some of their lovely items for sale:

I've always been visually minded and I've spent the last decade working for high street brands with home and interiors departments. I've been involved in both the sourcing and also styling of shop floors and displays, which has taught me a few tricks of the trade! I love all things interiors and embrace each and every trend as they happen.

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