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Getting cosy this autumn

Brrrrr its cold outside. The leaves are falling, the winter coats are out of the wardrobe and you noticed that the thermostat clicked the heating on this morning… its autumn, and our homes are a retreat from the cold outside. Its also a great opportunity to freshen up our styling to make our home feel warm and welcoming and cosy on those darker nights.

They say spring clean, but for me theres always a little autumn clean too. I move the furniture around in the lounge to focus more on the fire (I like to pretty much sit on it on a cold night) and I move some table lamps onto the occasional tables to provide some low and much needed light on the darker evenings.

Once the pumpkins are gone, I feel I need to liven up the walls with some autumnal decorations and fill my vases with woodland cuttings. Are you ready for autumn? Here are my tips to make your home feel cosy and snug through the autumn months.

Faux fur throws

Bring on the warmth! If your other half is anything mine, they moan about turning the heating on! So, my answer for harmony is to blanket-up the sofa and make sure a warm textile is only a hands reach away. My sofa has a faux fir throw with a soft fleece backing – the kids also like to tuck themselves in under it on a weekend morning.

There are so many lovely options to buy, here are some similar ones and alternatives that I’ve had my eye on…

Ones to buy…


Luxe Faux Fur Throw (180cm x 150cm)


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M&S Grey Abstract Faux Fur Throw Small

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Zara Home Dusky Pin Faux Fur Throw

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Lower the lighting

Introducing some low lighting for the evening is a great way to make a room feel warm and cosy in the evenings. Pick a good low watt bulb with a good colour (not too white and not a clear bulb) and get yourself a remote control plug so that you don’t have to go around turning them all on individually. Here’s one like I use on on Amazon.

Lights to buy

Collet Table Lamp


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Harris Copper Desk Light


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Wilko Ziggy Table Lamp


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Think outside the box

And there’s more to lighting than lamps! Think fairy lights hung in plants or crammed into jars, candles, lanterns, whatever works in your home!

By the fire

Fairy lights around a fireplace can look great and brighten the space when the fire isn’t in use. Don’t hang them too close to the fire though obviously and perhaps move them when it’s on.

On plants

Fairy lights hung on your houseplants creates some interesting shadows and instantly add a magical christmas-style feel.

Autumn art

Wreaths aren’t just for christmas and its also something you can make at home. Alternatively, you can make garlands or just stick some nice coloured leaves into a jar. A sprig of beech or holly looks great in a vase or go for a display of Chinese lantern plants for something more exotic!

I love interiors! I've always enjoyed styling my home and my husband will tell you I'm always moving things around and trying something new. My favs include Mid Century Modern and Ecclectic mixes of contrasting themes such as classical design and pop art.


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