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Interview with Southsea Bathing Hut

Self Care Sunday and Southsea bathing hut are a match made in heaven. Add it with bathroom bliss and what a vibe that creates.

Let us introduce you to our favourite go to bathing product brand, Southsea Bathing Hut. I adore this brand and Samantha is truly a fantastic person to chat to. I popped into the Southsea store and was greeted by the most delicious smell, no nasty chemicals in here thank you.  For me that is a godsend as I have a real problem with any manufactured false smelling yucky fragrance. 

We interviewed Sanantha about Southsea Bathing Hut and also her interior tastes.

Samantha you mention humbled beginnings on the website, do tell!

Southsea Bathing Hut started in April 2015 on my kitchen table. I’d been making soap for a number of years as a hobby and friends and family had been encouraging me to sell them. So, in 2015, I learnt all about how to make and sell soaps properly (and legally!) and started selling at a local market here in Southsea. They were an instant hit and so Southsea Bathing Hut was born.

What is your inspiration for your products?

I’m heavily inspired by the beauty and beneficial properties of the sea. During the 1800s, Southsea was famous for its restorative sea bathing. People would travel from all over the country to take the waters, which the Victorians believed to have healing properties. That history is a great inspiration.

What is your mantra and where does it come from?

My mantra is “Dust yourself off and get on with it”. It’s something which my parents, who were serial entrepreneurs, always tried to teach me. A robust, can-do attitude is essential when running a small business. 

Do you prefer floral or Citrus? 

Ooh, I couldn’t possible choose. I gravitate towards different smells depending on my mood. Citrus is great when I need a lift. Floral is great when I need to chill.

Do you have a favourite ingredient that you love to work with?

Definitely Portsmouth Seaweed. It’s pongy to work with, and making the special Seaweed Extract for our products is ‘fragrant’. But it has such wonderful properties for the skin. And thankfully the smell doesn’t linger in the products…

Whats your go-to Self Care Sunday product?

My hero product is our Rose Geranium Blooming Bath & Shower Oil. It never fails to make me feel truly pampered.

Have you created a spa like bathroom for yourself?

I try to create a little oasis with candles and music. But a copper roll-top bath is a big future aspiration. 

Whats your dream bathroom?

Dark, cosy, steamy, copper and silent.

What is your ideal holiday destination?

Definitely The Caribbean. Once you have been, nowhere else can quite live up to it.

What do you sing out loud to?

I’m currently loving Lady Gaga. So talented and so humble. 

And of course, Green or Mustard?

Green, as it’s my favourite colour.


Visit Samantha at The Southsea Bathing Hut Natural Skincare Apothecary, 2c Albert Road, Southsea, Portsmouth PO5 2SH or buy her lovely products online at

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