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Out with Christmas and in with winter styling

By 1st January 2022Interior Design Blog

As we welcome in the new year and the twelfth night approaches we pack up the tinsel and put away the baubles leaving the house looking slightly bare. There’s a mix of pleasure and sadness – another year till the festive season but a declutter that makes things feel new and fresh.

There’s a new trend to celebrating the seasons in our homes, not just Christmas. So move over Santa and welcome in a celebration of winter and all the cosy atmosphere it brings. We’ve got a few ideas for how you can minimise the disappointment of taking down your festive flourishes and instil an atmosphere befitting the season ahead.

Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas

Repurpose those tree lights this year. As LED technology has developed, string lights are now lightweight, long-lasting and low energy making them an all year round twinkle you can bring to your home. Hanging on the mantlepiece, adorning your favouring house plant or looped from the picture rail – fairy lights give a magical feel that will see you through the long winter nights at home.

Credit: Chris Snook

If you’re looking to buy some new lights now is the time! Pushing into the Boxing Day sales, you can grab a bargain to brighten your winter.

Winter wreaths you can make at home

If your door is looking a little sad now the Christmas wreath has gone why not create a winter wreath. The good thing about winter wreaths is that they’re so easy to make and you can forage in your garden for everything you need. You can also repurpose your Christmas wreath! Florist-bought wreaths will be made of a moss ring that you can use again. Simply strip back the foliage and attach a new dressing.

Credit: A Little Bird

The door swag has also become popular this year, a US import that’s starting to catch up. Basically, it is a bundle of arranged foliage tied with ribbon or string and hung upside down on the door.

Credit; Bee Hive Floral Co

Bring in the greenery

If the Christmas tree has left a centrepiece hole in your lounge why not fill the gap with a large houseplant? As well as looking beautiful, plants are fantastic at cleaning the air and it is proven that they have a big impact on our mood, too.

Credit: Tosa Cada

For maximum impact on a budget go for a fern or fig. Some of the superstores such as Aldi and Lidl stock some bargains in springtime so keep an eye out!

Cut flowers can also brighten the mantlepiece as winter descends. Tulips and narcissus are great value winter flower purchases and last really well kept away from the radiator. If you’re more of a foliage lover go for a bunch of fresh eucalyptus to give a fragrant flourish to your home.

Credit: Reading Room Cottage

Pot a bulb or two and pop it on the windowsill. Watch it grow and bloom within weeks and enjoy for much longer than cut flowers.

Candles and low lighting

Create the ultimate cosy vibe with candles and low lighting. Zone your cosy areas by lighting them minimally with your candle stash. You don’t need to buy fancy brands either – a simple tea light in a glass or a candle wedged into a nice wine bottle from Christmas creates a rustic effect.

Abigail Ahern

Turn down the lights when it’s time to relax. Get dimmer switches installed to allow you to control the amount of light in your home. Alternatively invest in some table lamps and use low wattage bulbs. Make sure you buy the right bulb colour too – too yellow can change the look of your whole aesthetic!

Credit: Northern Light Candles

So settle down and enjoy your winter decorations. Sit tight, spring isn’t too far away!


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