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The perfect bedroom.. huge amounts of space, ensuite, bay window with separate dressing room space. Is that what you’ve got? Me neither. Getting the ideal space with what you have is a fine art and there’s so much to think about. If you’re about to embark on a bedroom project either from scratch, revamp or refresh, there are a few things you must consider:

Bed position

Sounds obvious right? But maybe not. If you using an existing bedroom space it probably has those temping socket positioned conveniently for both sides of the bed so you should just put the bed there, right? Wrong. The right bed position doesn’t have to be where the bed was before, or where some architect decided it should be when they planned your electrics. The right be position must provide the following:

  1. Space to get in and out of the bed
    Again, it sounds obvious, but if you’re squeezing down the side of a wardrobe or shimmying around a fireplace what really isn’t ideal.
  2. A direct route to bed
    I mean so that you ideally walk into the room to your side of the bed and not have to walk around the bed first. That’s just annoying.
  3. Sufficiently close to or far away from the radiator/s
    I like to have a cold bedroom. I have to be away from a radiator if it’s on, or ideally, it is off. If the radiator offends, perhaps move it.

Different shape rooms need considering differently. We’ve put together a couple of guides to the most common room shapes, see them below.


Don’t think that under a window is always a bad idea. With the right headboard and with the right window height this can work really well. Don’t write it off until you’ve tried it!

Styling Lotta Agaton and pic by H&M Home


Have different lighting options or perhaps even dim-able lights. Bedside lights or a bedside light switch are an absolute must. No fumbling back to bed in the dark having turned the light off. That’s just nuts!

incyra blue bedroomBy the bed a small, lesser wattage light is ideal. If you want to read in bed and need more light, perhaps go for a proper reading light. That way you can have a calming, relaxing bedroom as well as a good level of light to read.

The central light must have enough power to allow you to see into cupboards and wardrobes – don’t be scrabbling around because you chose an inappropriate light or bulb. If, like me, you don’t like to see a bulb (really hate this) then pick a light shade that takes enough of the glare but still provides enough light.

A dimmer can be a really good option; low light when you want it but full on lumens when you need them.

Sophie Ashby Interiors

Finally, low lights with movement sensors in the hall are a really good idea for the night time trips to the bathroom and won’t wake up the whole house (or the dogs in our case!).


The right bedding is crucial for a good night’s sleep. This includes both the sheets and the duvet and pillows.

Splash out on a new pillow every year or so. Make sure your neck is supported enough but not so much that you feel too upright. A couple of pillows is often a good idea to give you options (and looks nice too).

Beautiful linens from Piglet in Bed

Have a winter and a summer duvet. Change them when you start to feel a bit too warm or a bit too chilly. If you need a heavy duvet you can get heavy ones that are breathable – try natural materials if you’re not allergic. Prefer to feel free? Try holiday-style sheet only layers, so you can shed down to a single sheet in the night if you get too hot.

The sheets you choose are so important. I’ve just discovered linen bedding and I don’t think there’s any going back. It’s soft and breathable and looks great too. Anything man-made can make your feel sweaty if you tend to get hot at night, so take a look at your bedding and choose wisely if you’re thinking of replacing it. Two sets are also a good idea to allow the freshly-washed set to air before being used. Too much fabric conditioner stink can really give me a headache!


There’s nothing worse than trying to set up in bed to drink your cuppa and banging your head on the wall or a vicious headboard. I love a padded headboard. There are so many lovely headboards out there, whatever your style preference. If you must have a heard headboard make sure you’ve got plenty of bolster cushions to prop you up.


Trying to predict where you need things always a challenge, but if you can get it right it’s a real gem! For example, avoid having multiple plugs and cables by the bed by perhaps having USB plugs installed for your gadgets. Or maybe have a handy socket in a cupboard the plug in your hairdryer, straighteners, or even the hoover if you are going for a cleaner, no clutter look.


A plant in your bedroom (if you’re not a plant killer!) offers cleaner air and generally makes the room feel fresher! Don’t over-do it and if you don’t have much room, a simple succulent will do the trick and required little maintenance (in fact they like to be pretty much ignored).


Two sides to this. The actual window must be good enough to keep out noise and the cold. If you like the window open at night make sure you can secure it open safely within your insurance requirements.

The window covering is probably the most vital consideration. Curtain, blind or whatever, make sure it shuts out the light. Those light mornings in summer are fab, but only when you’re ready to let it in! Street lights can also create nasty colours and shadows, pick the right thickness of curtain and ideally go for blackout in light polluted areas.


Floorboards are popular in bedrooms at the moment and if you have asthma or allergies it can really help to keep the dust levels down and get you some better sleep! They’re easy to clean (and I mean properly clean with a mop) and they look lovely. If you want a comfy place to land your feet in the morning, pick a good deep-pile rug that can be washed and cleaned. Problem solved!


Carpets in bedrooms create a luxurious feel. Pick something lovely and push the boat out if you have a smaller space. Indulge yourself and wake up to something lovely every day.


I love interiors! I've always enjoyed styling my home and my husband will tell you I'm always moving things around and trying something new. My favs include Mid Century Modern and Ecclectic mixes of contrasting themes such as classical design and pop art.

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