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The wonderful world of colour

Why pick just one? Combining lots of colours make fun and interesting spaces! There is a trend at the moment to use muted tones of a range of colours and we’re loving the results!

Recent Multicolour Trends

Muted tones – Pastels and tones of rich colours, combined with a neutral background palette

Bold and Bright – Pick a palette of a few bright colours and pair them up with accessories

Colourful Interior Blog Posts


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It feels like everyone is getting a mural wall!.. and I am too soon 🙂 when I find time to…
Interior Design Trends & Inspiration

Summer Vibes with a Mexican edge

Mexican Vibes We definitely won’t be moaning about the lack of a summer this year in England (well on the…
Interior Design Trends & Inspiration
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Interior Design Trends & Inspiration
Bright Colour Palettes
Bright and Bold Colours
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Multicolour Inspiration