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Powder Blue

Have you been lusting over this chalky powdery hue in secret? We certainly have. I’ve been so drawn to this colour I’m revamping my bedroom in a shade of this calming colour. All will be revealed at a later date. Will this Blue take over from the grey tones that became a staple backdrop in our homes I wonder? Is blue the New Black, I ask?

We are going to show you some of our favourite blues and explain why we have fallen for this lovely colour.

Credit: Em Henderson

Borrowed Light – a pale and illuminating blue

Evoking the colour of summer skies, Borrowed Light is a wonderfully pale blue named after the delicate light that cascades through small windows and fanlights.

Palace Pearl

Called “pearl” in 18th-century painting manuals, this pale blue is created by mixing white, black and Prussian blue pigments.

Dove Blue

A soft and pure pastel blue with an overlaying powder effect.

Celestial Blue

A dusky variant of Sky Blue found on a rare surviving paint colour card of 1807.

Parma Gray – A cool mid blue

Reading as a cool blue, Parma Gray is another colour attributed to the great colourist John Fowler. Used as the backdrop to numerous costume dramas, it creates the perfect period feel when contrasted with Wimborne White. Though its cool nature can feel quite formal when contrasted with a bright white, it is a firm favourite for those who prefer a clean and crisp finish.

Oval Room Blue – a darkened historic blue

Now, this Blue is gorgeous with its grey-blue back notes and a high density of black pigment giving it a subtly aged feel. Named after the attractively shaped rooms of the late 18th century, it sits perfectly with our popular greys to create depth and balance.


I've always been visually minded and I've spent the last decade working for high street brands with home and interiors departments. I've been involved in both the sourcing and also styling of shop floors and displays, which has taught me a few tricks of the trade! I love all things interiors and embrace each and every trend as they happen.

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  • Morgana says:

    Looked at the chalky powdery hue and its fantastic. It certainly a colour to re-do any bedroom in a shade of calming colour. Maybe think of finishing it off with a contemporary Welsh blanket in a light colour. Something to think about!

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