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Black & Grey

That’s not a colour we hear you say! But more and more we’re seeing people decorating their homes in dark colours like grey and even black. They create really interesting spaces and make any other colours in the room sing out.

Dark rooms make cosy spaces. When picking a dark paint, make sure you go for quality as that will mean less coats and a better overall outcome.

Recent Dark Trends

Dark walls – Dark walls and coloured accessories

Dark eclectic – Dark walls are the perfect backdrop for eclectic styling!

“I like black cars, black dresses, and black pearls, but I tend to use the color very judiciously in interiors, because it can be overwhelming. Mostly, I use it to balance paler finishes. For instance, honed solid-black marble countertops can give an otherwise light-hued kitchen a hint of industrial chic”

Sandra Espinet

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Black and Grey

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Black and Grey

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Black and Grey

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