Vintage Bush Stereogram


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This stunning teak sideboard has a secret; in side it reveals itself to be a radio and record player. The radio signal works really well, the turntable seems to work fine too but I’m no expert in this area. The sound is actually really good! The front panel houses the speakers and the grooves look great and allow the sound to fill the room!

The unit itself is gorgeous to look at. The teak has a lovely colour and grain and the legs are lovely too. The top does have some minor scratches and discolouration but they’re not very obvious – see the pics.

I’ve not seen many of these before but it would be fab to know someone might use it to its full potential, but you could also strip out the record player and control panel quite easily if you wanted.


46.5” / 118cm wide

17.5” / 45cm deep

27.5” / 70cm tall


Please note that this item is not new and as such has some scratches and discolouration due to age. I am also not a record player expert but it all look and sounds good to me!


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