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Black and Grey

The black ceiling is the new white

Wait you say, black ceiling? Surely you've got that the wrong way around? Nope. If you're on Instagram you'll have seen how many people are taking the plunge and going for a black ceiling. They're all different too, some ultra…
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Summer Vibes with a Mexican edge

Mexican Vibes We definitely won’t be moaning about the lack of a summer this year in England (well on the South Coast at least) it’s been beautiful for many weeks now and we’ve been getting into the summer vibes in…
Interviews & House Tours

Maxine Hall’s Maximalist Blackpop

Interview with Blackpop Instagram: @blackpopuk Website:’s been a brand that we’ve just been dying to work with. Ever since we spotted their brave, vibrant designs we’ve been following their work and enjoying their truly creative and opulent designs –…

Hello to Happy Design

Happy Design is catching! I can’t and won’t claim this to be my own, but I’m absolutely loving the concept of Happy Design. Yes! Isn’t that what it’s all about? Your house is your home and it should (in my…
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A trip to Winter’s Moon

Instagram: wintersmoon Web: Sometimes you can just feel the character of the owner as you enter the shop. As I walked into the Winter’s Moon studio and I instantly had a feel for the type of person I was…
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Jungle wallpapers and murals

Maybe its the heat, maybe its all the holiday research I've been doing lately, but I'm definitely feeling the jungle vibes. Not so much the leafy, all-foliage designs either, more the colonial landscapes with tigers and tropical details. Lost you?…

Our Favourite Pink Paints

Pink is in! It's official and we're painting walls pink like never in 50 years. Its not just little girls' bedrooms, its kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. We're embracing pinks of every shade and tone. We thought it was…
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Helen’s Colourful Victorian Terrace in the Surrey Hills

Location: Ewehurst, Surrey Instagram handle: @blueticking A colourful family home Some people just have an eye for how to put things together; old and new, they just do it and it works. It’s a gift and a skill that Helen…

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