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Peach: The New Blush?

Yes, I said... Peach We've all been loving pink in the last year, but what happens next? There's been a colour, lurking in the background, waiting to come out.. (trap door theme tune running through my mind) ... waiting to…
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Earth Colours: Interior Ideas

Earth Colours One of my colour predictions for 2018 is more of a colour group really. I've toiled over what to call them, avoiding some preconceptions whilst still saying what I mean; something I'm failing at right now in fact.…
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Velvet Sofas: Our Favourites

The Velvet Sofa Edit The velvet sofa is here to stay, and I’m so glad about that. Its plush, its luxurious. It shouts out ‘look at me’. It’s the ultimate statement piece. Making a decision to go bold is quite…
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The Rocking Chair: My Must Have for 2018

Dreaming of a Rocking Chair I’ve been in bed all day today. Now that sounds good but alas, the only way I can get about is to hop. The pain killers for my blasted foot make me feel so sleepy…
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Buying Guide: Marble Dining Tables

Marble Tables You've probably noticed that I'm rather keen on marble tables at the moment. I've been trying to buy 'the right one' for a couple of months now and I've had one rather special one slip through my fingers.…
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Lusting Over A Wishbone Chair

The dining chair - dining table mix is a conundrum I've been tackling lately. Do you go modern table and vintage chair, all vintage, vintage table vintage style modern chairs, or... I'm not even sure what else! There are some…

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